Project Updates


Denise Belén Santiago and I have just completed our documentary "Salty Dog Blues." It has been submitted to a number of festivals and we are looking forward to presenting this film to community groups, schools, libraries and hopefully have an airing on public TV. We are thankful for all the help and encouragement we received along the way, without which this film might not have been made.

We will keep folks informed about screenings on this page, our Facebook page "Salty Dog Blues" and through Email.

Retired Merchant Marine in Puerto Rico

Flush Update

As they say in Ghana, West Africa "Soon Come". This means that you or something is on the way. That's where we are with our 12 minute digital film "Flush". Our composer Kelley M. Kelley, of ChronicAudio is putting final touches on some slammin' beats. Yours truly is creating the sound design and titles. We should be ready for the mix next week. Please stay tuned. Flush Production Still                                Flush Production Still

FLUSH Update

Flush Production Still 4  Flush Production Still 3  Flush Production Still 2  Flush Production Still  Flush Production Still 5Greetings.

We've just locked picture edit on our latest short film "Flush". It is ready for sound design and music. Kelly M. Kelly of Chronic Audio is composing music for this 11 min. humorous and thought-provoking film. I've uploaded a few stills from the shoot for your amusement.

We're currently packaging the film for festivals. If you are interested in previewing "Flush" for an upcoming festival or other public screening, please contact us and let us know.



Greetings. On September 26, 2009 we finished principle photography on a short digital film titled "Flush". The story, written and co-produced by Laura L. Fowler, is about a mother who confines herself to her bathroom, where she drinks and mourns the untimely death of her sister. The film, directed and edited by Al Santana, stars Marjorie Johnson, Taifa Harris, Tyler Power and Akua Henderson-Brown. Crew members include Director of Photography, Sidharta Pascual; DIT, Ali Santana, Sound Recordist/Mixer, JT Takagi; Wardrobe, Islah Abdul Rahim; Make Up, Amy Phillips; Production Assistant, Daoud Abu-Bakr.

Currently, the film is in post production with a rough cut scheduled for the end of next week.

Please stay tuned for further updates.


On Internet Radio

Greetings: On Saturday, April 11th. at 10:00AM (EST), Producer and talk show host Indi Brooks will interview film director Al Santana on her internet radio show "Talk Of The Town" on WCAN RADIO. Al will discuss the making of "One People", a short film about the intersection of art, politics, and the discovery of playwright Lorraine Hansberry, "Salty Dog Blues: Documenting The Demise of The National Maritime Union", and other topics related to independent filmmaking. So, log on, tune in and see you on the radio.

Process is everything, Al