Re-Discovering Fanon-the documentary

We're helping our friend and colleague Rico Speight and the Rico Workshop with a fundraising campaign to help complete the documentary film Re-Discovering Fanon-the documentary. This film is about scholar, activist, psychiatrist, and revolutionary Frantz Fanon. 

This documentary, already ten years in the making, is being shot in Martinique, France, Algeria and the USA.  It is a fully independent production.  It is an effort of love, and every dollar raised will be used to complete the documentary. Again, Re-Discovering Fanon has had a long period of gestation, and now the time is finally right to introduce it to the world--a powerful, documentary that speaks truth to power as Fanon did. 

We have an incredible team of professionals and activists on our side. We have already completed 90% of the shooting and we have now begun editing. We need funds to purchase archival footage and for postproduction expenses. We are happy for the opportunity that Indiegogo provides to bring this campaign to you. Rest assured, whatever is the level of your contribution, it will be used and greatly appreciated.

Please join the Indiegogo campaign by contributing whatever you can to this worthy project.


Thank you for supporting truly independent cinema.